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Information and Documents
for Building in SouthPointe & Dry Creek

    Always use the most up to date application forms and Architectural Guidelines.   

Current ACC Schedules Version is 2017-1
Current SouthPointe Architecture, Landscape and Lake Buffer Guidelines: Version 2016
Current Dry Creek Development Guidelines: 1.5 plus Ammendments

NOTE: If you are using a phone to send documents to the HRB,
There are several "scanner" apps for smartphones that will use your phone camera
to create a .pdf document.  CamScanner is the one that I use. 
Microsoft and Adobe and several others make apps that use your camera a scanner.
CamScan:   Adobe Scan: 
MS Lens:

All digital documents should be sent to the HRB as .pdf files, not pictures (.jpg,.tiff,.giff ...)

Photographs are not documents.  These are generally sent as .jpg

Applications are due one week prior to meeting day, 3:00 PM


SouthPointe maintqains their own website.  All relevant ACC documetns are available only that website.  The links below will take you to the documents on the SouthPointe website as of 4/20/2016.  If SP changes their website, the links may not to work.
SouthPointe website:
ACC Documetns on SouthPointe website:
SouthPointe & Dry Creek
ACC Application Forms
B Full set of forms for applying to the ACC to build or modify improvements. Download and print the individual forms needed for your application. 
SouthPointe & Dry Creek
ACC Fees and Escrows, Contact and other Quick Info
B SouthPointe/Dry Creek - (A searchable PDF file) The current ACC fees and escrows for various projects, the various local contacts that you will need during constrcution and other base information.
Architectural, Landscape and Lake Buffer Guidelines
B SouthPointe - (A searchable PDF file)  The current SouthPointe Architectural, Landscape and Lake Buffer Guidelines wiht all amendments and revisions incorporated into the document.  Updated in January 2013.
Dry Creek
Architectural Development
B Dry Creek - (A searchable PDF file)  The full color Dry Creek Development Guidelines with amendmendts appendended to the end of the document.
Dry Creek
Architectural Development
Guidelines - Amendments
B Dry Creek - The amendments to Dry Creek Development Guidelines by the ACC are appended to the Dry Creek Development Guidelines
Dry Creek
Septic Installation Guidelines v0108
B New guidelines for septic installation in effect January 1, 2008. The septic forms are in the ACC forms (above).
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Exterior Stairs and
Steps Addendum
B This addendum for exterior stairs and steps is effective Aug 21, 2007.  These steps will make exterior steps more aesthetic, safer, and easier to walk on.
SouthPointe Mailbox Guideline B A description of the construction of a mailbox.
Instructions to Relocate a Pier Zone in Burke County B The process to follow to relocate your pier zone and the for to submit to the ACC.
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Covenants, Conditions,
and Restrictions
B The CCR's with there latest amendments, supplements and revision are available form the HOA (via their management company -
Catawba Valley Property Management @
Government / Duke Energy
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North Carolina Erosion and Sediment Control Planning and Design Manual B The NC Erosion and Sediment Control Planning and Design Manual link for your convenience.
Catawba Buffer Rules B Additional government rules for protecting the environment of water areas of the Catawba Valley.
Duke Energy Lake Management   Contact Wade Harmon at 704-382-8577


  Catawba Valley Property Management (CVPM)  

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