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Soil and Landscaping

Using Compost on Grasslands
Stanley Environmental, of Stanley, NC, is a firm that the HRB contracts with to inspect the private onsite wastewater treatment systems (aka septic systems) as they are being installed on 1780 and Dry Creek lots lots.  They aslo perform the biannual inspection to assure that the systems are working as they should and catch a problem while it is small and easy to repair.  Another part of Stanley Environmental is Earth Farms where they prepare an organic compost to mix with native soils.  The proper use of compost will grow healthier plants and grass, use less water and not use commersial pesticides adn fertilizers that are harmful to the environment, especially the lake.
The attached letter is a farmer's testimonial of using compost.

Vegetation on Septic System Drain Fields
Planting on Your Septic
Drain Field

Landscaping over Septic
Drain Field
The plantings on a septic system can effect the longevity of the system.  These articles will give you information of using the correct plants and why.




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